Shakey's Advertisements

Shots from Reedy’s Shakey’s ads

Reedy directs advertisements for Shakey’s Pizza, including their “Dad’s Night at Shakey’s” series as well as their “Slice of Life” DIY Party Hack series. She has directed 12 videos to date.

Shots from “Dad’s Night at Shakey’s”

From the scripted "Slice of Life," to the unscripted "Dad’s Night," Reedy is experienced in directing everyone from professional YouTube influencers – like Dude Dad (above) – to the youngest of child actors.

More from “Dad’s Night at Shakey’s”

Reedy shoots all of her Shakey's ads with thoroughness, attention to detail, and of course, a true love for pizza! So much so, in fact, that she is now moving forward in directing Shakey's newest segments, "Mom's Night Out at Shakey's."

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