HeathQueens Advertisements

Moments from 3 HealthQueens Videos

Reedy has written and directed over 90 advertisements and educational videos for women’s health and wellness company, HealthQueens, a community of 200,000+ women.

Running on Facebook and other platforms, Reedy’s animated videos share the latest scientific research on women’s health, specializing in the 60+ age demographic. By fine-tuning her research to this market, she has built up science-backed content on nature-based nutrition, lifestyle challenges, and fitness education to empower her target audience of mature women dealing with specific health-related concerns.

Moments from 3 HealthQueens Videos

Reedy's ads successfully reach her demographic quickly, focusing on getting the attention of the audience in the very first second. And because of the vigorous testing of her ads before release, Reedy is able to put forward the most effective advertisements based on real feedback. Everything from the animated characters to the text in the advertisements is thoroughly tested, giving her great insight into the hearts and minds of her demographic.

With her continued education in advertisement seminars and researching the most up-to-date science on women's health, Reedy has been able to make a positive impact through her fitness and wellness content.

  • Role Writer-Director of Animated Ads and Educational Content

  • For HealthQueens

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